Monday, December 24, 2012

Yet another Christmas Eve'

     After a long time, I finally decided to incorporate another blog post before this year ends. The year of the apocalypse, the very end of the world; which I’m glad did not happened because there are dreams still up in the clouds that I need to burst into showers.            Today’s 25th December 2012, Merry Christmas to all of youJ. Loved this festival coz I have been celebrating this with my bro Nik and my cousin Vibu since I was a child and our elder cousin Suku was the one who used to tell stories and jingles our sorrows and flip them into a cute smile on our faces. We were happy, we were young and we were kids.
            Once upon a time, in a far land lived a 15 year boy named Henry, he was a smart kid who lived in a hostel away from his family in a place called Reeds. Reeds was a modern society town that had many educational institutes and students came across neighboring villages to study and Henry was one of them. His father was a farmer and his mother was a house wife, they had a simple living with his father working on the crops all day and his mother who look after the home. His father sent Henry to Reeds so that he could make a better living because Henry from the beginning was repulsive to Crops. He always wanted to become a rich man with big house and plenty servants and a life of leisure.            He graduated and started working in the city’s top MNC. He was the charm in his office. All the girls were into him but he wasn’t into them because for he had the crave to fulfill his dreams. Years came and gone his parents wanted to see him, he became so busy with his life that he does visited them quite often but never was so willing to stay.            Every year Christmas was the time he had to work a lot at office while others flew to their homelands. Henry was into making money and he did working all throughout specially during the Christmas festive season, He wanted to gift his parents a car; Yet another Christmas came but this time he went to his home and brought a car for them. His dad told him, “My son, we never wanted this; we always wanted to be with you on this Christmas eve, celebrating with us the joy and happiness; but Henry we are glad that you worked so hard up till now and we are proud to have you our son, Here! This is the key to our lock go there and take the responsibilityJ”.
Henry was lil’puzzled and excited, he went to the lock and what he found was a cheque of billion dollars in his name. He kept thinking and realized he never wanted money or leisure what he always wanted is to give his family the comforts that only money can buy. But then again with yet another Christmas he came to know that there are things that money can’t buy and that’s Love and the feeling of being with someone who love you and who always care about you, no matter how far they are.

Merry Christmas!

God bless you all.p.s.N.W.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

“Life is Beautiful”

AS I unfold these mystical pages of my book I came across dungeons and dragons most of the times. The dragon peels off my skin and the terrifying dungeons put me inside a very new misery all the time. I think why have the world honored me with such great deal that it becomes hard at times to say thank you J
Well it’s not what I feel my dear friend, it is what she thinks. I tried telling her the beauty of life but she denied; I said colors are beautiful, she said they are very illusionary that they can sometimes put anyone into its trap. Her words had power, I kept quiet and then I told her a story, a story of a lil’girl named gale’bi who lived in a far land in the woods of Scotland yard’s.
Once upon a time, gale’bi was going to her aunt’s place who lived in the neighborhood. She was beautiful and majestically dazzling that even the birds were whistling as she pass-by ;)
Suddenly, she tripped over something and she fell down. Her knee started bleeding and the very next moment there came three men with their faces covered with cloth. They snatched the little girl’s bag and ran away. She cried and went back home. She told her mother about the incidence, upon which her mother replied ”my dear it was not your fault at all, there are sometimes in life that even though you could have saved that moment you are not able to”. She said “but why can’t we mom?” Her mother said “my dear life is beautiful”.

You must be thinking why did her mother said like that; it’s because her mother wanted to tell her that life is all about ups and downs but what matters is how you think and what you think, no matter whatever happens just always say “life is beautiful” who knows even though if it isn’t running good it might turn out to be beautiful somedayJ
So always hope for the best and the best will surely come someday: D
*just like tomorrow not tomorrow could be day after tomorrow: P right??

Nakul W

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It’s time to THINK??

                Some times it’s really hard to believe that Mr. Time has taken us too far away from what we were. Try thinking what we were doing 10 years down the line; you’ll be amazed, and if you go a little further you’ll realize what you exactly wanted in your life. Coz when we all were kids we all dreamed about the day when we’ll have our own castle surrounded by wonderful beauty, a jet plane which will take us to wherever we want to go , fast cars to drool and a life full of luxury and happiness.
                But, we all take our dreams for granted don’t we??.....We believe that they are just a dream. But, can’t dreams become true, can’t we really have the heroic pleasure what had always thought about. It’s true that “it takes hell lot of efforts to make your dreams into reality”- as said by the people who believe that they have made their dreams come true.
                And Yes!!...we all can make our dreams come true with an optimistic vision that is very essential and the power to accept failure. Coz you’ll learn more when you’ll fail rather than passing the so called minimum criteria everywhere coz all does and there are only few who fails not because they can’t do it but because they were busy somewhere else :P . And these are the people who know what it feels like to be amongst the lower category.
                God made us with different different attributes and have sent us to different stacks of the financial levels. Some were blessed with brain and someone was blessed with gold. And it’s up to us that how we learn this course of life where we have to figure out how to use the brain to get the gold. And in the long run called life we keep running for either of this and eventually we get buried under the willow.

Remember it’s just a matter of one fine day: D
And em’sure with a lil’efforts you’ll get what you have always dreamt about!!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Intaglio Nature'

             Un wound road to heaven would be the name I would like to call ‘’The nature” .One of the tremendous efforts of the almighty who, wanted us to learn the lessons of wisdom. And could also be said  as, “A physical power causing all material phenomena.”
With human context, it’s the one’s innately, characters or qualities. And this is what we deal much about, all the time :P .But the THING to be thought about is the splendid beauty and art inside our nature. When I was a kid I truly unmarked nature out from my dictionary cause at that time I believed it to be a part of me, and now it’s just a separate entity.
I remember we learned in our kinder garden ‘not to cut trees’, cause it reminded us a picture of a tree with eyes and nose crying. Now, since we have grown up we have packed the golden words inside a box and have emigrated it back to our past. Now, we all want a cozy & elegant bedroom with wooden interiors. We forget how many trees need to sacrifice their life’s just to be a man’s tinsel.
                Let’s now go back to the time when it was a part of us all. It was the nature which taught us the number of colors present around which are uncountable in a similar way happiness which we ignore most of the time coz we are so busy handling the fragile world. I saw the nature that time and now its like the beauty have seemed to hike at a tremendous level. I have grown up and usually I’m away from my family and everywhere I go I see the new colored Mr. tree they welcome me with all the regards with a winsomely fragrance and the cool breeze around.  And trust me that would make anyone feel wonderful; just imagine the scenario inside your head and close your eyes for a moment………….we’l have different-different feelings all the time, we’ll repeat, and there’ll be a different one. We have intact so many visions of our fruitful nature. One of my most wonderful things I would be doing is to stay in the woods in a beautiful smitten home in Alaska when I’ll b around 60’s but only for few weeks, coz uncle nakul would feel pretty bored out there :P for so long. We have the beauty around and the devil within, so why not use them together to carve the beauty in our lives and others as well coz trust me we’ll feel more contended when we are the reason behind their smile J

So keep smiling and extract as much gu’d (in Hindi means sweetness) you can in our wonderful and perfect lives.

Thank you for your time;

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dreams a part of LIFE!

Dreams keep coining and keep poking you again and again every night after night. Does it have any meaning or it's just a creepy part of our brain trying to manifest us from our actual reality.

Today i saw a dream and it was like the very third time regarding this 'subject'.I was trembling my soul and trying to coupe' it with my body. But, its a looong story............dreams are reality,they teach us and tells us what are the options we have with us. coz in this life we will always have ways or paths or tubeway holes to escape our misery and transform ourself into another world. we grew by this way and it all depends upon which path we choose coz when we do it there's no way we can undo it.It's all within us,the position where you are and upon which you say "Man!! i don't wnt to be here where i am" but within you it's always the truth that you have that and you wanted to be here some day and now that my goals have changed wants to tubemyself to some where else. As a human being our desire keeps changing; we always have a hunger to know more and more and to acquire more and more. It's this hunger only which changed us from the early man to today's soffisticated humans and it's this hunger only that made ur so devilish that we foget about others.
The reason why you must be thinkg while peeping into this section that i have put a PANDA's pic here have a deep meaning and purpose.If you'l look carefully and observe to what this picture says then my task is fullfilled. But if you still believe that you have any doubt then ASK A REAL PANDA ;)
em'sure he would definitely provide you the correct brochure for this note.
All can't never be said what's on my mind so kindly excuse me for that. My brain's running like a drill machine the more i try to use it the deeper it goes....So i would like to conclude with a moral just like we usd to do when we were small freekin kiD'

moral of the story is :"Cry till your tears come out because in the end you'l become much stronger and more focused "

Bless ALL :)